• NEW! "I AM"s of Jesus Workbook

    The "I AM" statements in the book of John all say something very specific about Jesus and His work. The 13 lessons in this study guide one to a deeper insight into Jesus' relationship to the divine nature and His role in saving us from our sins.



  • NEW! Marriage: A Reflection of God's Image by Shawn Bain

    There is hope for marriage. Genesis 3:15 provides hope to man to be redeemed from sin. It is a perfect plan created by God. There is also a perfect plan for marriage given by God. Marriage, as originally designed, is worth having and keeping.

    Let God create you and your marriage into a reflection of His image.


  • NEW! With One Heart, With One Voice

    With One Heart, With One Voice will bring you back to the basics of spiritual singing. You will be introduced to some new songs, and re-introduced to some older ones. You will learn a bit about hymn writers -- their stories, their backgrounds, their motivations. Most of all, though, you will come to appreciate more how the words and the music in our hymns combine to communicate God's word and help it stick in the minds and hearts of believers.


  • NEW! Turning Point by Wilson Adams

    Why are so many discovering a new mid-life crisis - bad health? Why are we ignoring basic Bible principles that would help us? What are some common-sense steps we can take to offer God the very best we can be? In Turning Point, author Wilson Adams offers strategies to improve health and glorify God in our bodies.


  • NEW! Blessed to Bless by Randy Blackaby

    The effects of materialism are destructive to the most precious things we possess: our relationship with others, with our families, with the church, and with God. So many people are trading their eternal reward for the temporary pleasures of earthly possessions. As a diligent Bible student and gifted writer, Randy addresses this need


  • NEW! A Life Lost…And Found By Adams and Lanphear

    Are you reeling from loss? Is your heart breaking? Do you feel as though life will never be normal again?

    If you or someone you love has experienced the heartbreak of death or divorce, this practical guide will take you from those deep valleys of despair to blue skies and rainbows – from sorry and heartache to hope and healing!


  • NEW! Jesus The Bread of Life by Greg Litmer

    This chronological study considers each of the four gospel narratives for a complete study of the life of Christ.

    Increase your knowledge and understanding of Christ as a historical figure, His role in salvation, and His example for us.



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